Malla reddy
College of Pharmacy

Welcomes to Mrcp alumni Network

Alumni Association (Reg no.1092 /2011)

  • President ::           Dr. Aneesa (Professor)
  • Vice President ::   Dr. SNVL Sireesha
  • Secretary ::           Dr. M. Sudhakar
  • Joint Secretary ::  B. Bhavani
  • Treasurer ::         Dr. Pratap Devi Shankar Sai Prakash
  • Executive Member:: Perna Venkata Adithya
  • Members ::           Sanjay Vallabdas
  • Reconstitution of the Alumni Association was done on 15-12-22, President, treasurer, nominees and guests attended the alumni meeting in the seminar hall.
  • President Mrs. Aneesa has welcomed all the members for the meeting and has given a welcome speech.
  • President Mrs. Aneesa has proposed a change of association body members of Malla Reddy College of Pharmacy Alumni Association
  • All the body members have agreed for the Proposed change w.e.f. 15/12/22
  • Vote of thanks given by the student.

Alumni Network goals in 4 steps

Help Us to Grow in all fields by Sharing Experiences, Achievements which you have faced in your Carrier journey, give Feedbacks. Alumni Network is a community website like Facebook and LinkedIn to share your memories and achievements. 


Establish Alumni Network of B Pharm, Pharm D, M Pharm Alumni to Build MRCP Community 


 To Conduct  Alumni Meets, To gather Feedbacks & Suggestion for Improvement  from Alumni


Guiding, Keep Motivation & Supporting Alumni in Goals Achievements 


Setting Examples in Carrier Growth of Alumni for Upcoming MRCP Juniors 

Principal's Message

“An Pharmacist envisions acquiring knowledge and skill during his studies and applied the acquired knowledge in his professional development; but not aiming to acquire degree certificate issued by a Osmania University and joining any company at any role without any proper professional vision of their own.”